A Introduction for Geometry Adventure (A beginning work-in-progress)

Dear Joanne, (January 3, 2011)

I am totally new to Wikispaces! I just taught myself last week... using your Geometry Class as a first example...


The Students probably know way more about this stuff than me...

This could be a very educational interactive FUN Class/School Geometry Learning Project...

It definitely engages students to explore a lot and create their own shared projects...

Geometry is very Visual and Constructive: Seeing, Doing, Learning, and Making...

with the entire world at their keyboards and skype and your smart board in the classroom...

Very quickly, THEY could be designing, writing, and making their own Geometry books/wikispaces...



Note: If you do NOT have a textbook to use with your students,

this link is a free online excellent HS Geometry Textbook with interactive lessons:



1. The first Make-it-Yourself projects could be based on simple single-cam Automata - Toys that Move

They are Hand-made Mechanical Toys you build/construct and engineer/imagineer with ordinary arts & craft supplies like:

cardboard (boxes), wood dowels, foam, colored felt, colored paper, tape, wire, and glue, etc.

It is endless fun and learning practical "Making Skills" for a lifetime...

2. Theo Jansen's Kinetic Horse Sculpture to build Geometry in Motion:

This video is Too Much Fun! Play it VERY LOUD But with Headphones On!

Bummer News 2012: The creator of this model and video NO LONGER sells his kits, so you'll have do research on other websites (youtube etc.)

to find similar models to make your own adaptations: AND Here is a Fantastic video I just posted below: The Making of War Horse


Fantastic News update: August 24, 2016: The Puppetry Factory (in rural South Africa!)

The Making of War Horse for Broadway Theater Production! 10 minute youtube video!


Arvind Gupta's "Toys from Trash" project uses plastic drinking straws and some wire.

The next one uses a Legos Kit:

Then our Kinetic Geometry Sculpture page has more advanced models to see...

We like toys that move... :-)


& here is a different kind of "dance" of geometry:

Red Silk Dance ("Magic Carpet") by Daniel Wurtzel, 1 million+ views

Now go explore our HS Geometry WikiSpace... Pages are alphabetical on the left... and enjoy the ride...


And this is just some outline ideas for you:

1. Engineering of Everyday Things: The Foundational STEM PBL Discovery Learning Curriculum Unit of this Wiki

1.1 See "Engineering for the Other 90%"

1.2 See "How to... Instructional Essay Writing", the second Foundational STEM PBL Discovery Writing Unit of this Wiki

1.3 See "Patents -- Google Search" the online free Encyclopedia of 7 Million Patents, an amazing STEM PBL Discovery Learning Resource

& "Patently Apple " an expert daily blog about Everything Apple, with concise commentary and excellent visuals.

2. A Geometry and Engineering Timeline:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineering including:

2.1 History of Famous Mathematicians/Scientists/Engineers and their Contributions

2.2 A Related History of Discoveries and Inventions

2.3 20th Century Advancements in Math and Science and Engineering

2.4 21st Century Current Developments, Trends, and Predictions

2.5 Geometries in the Future and the Future of Geometries

3. Scale and Dimension in the Universe

3.1 The "Powers of 10" Video Examples

3.2 Nano to Astro: How small is small and how Big is Big...?

3.3 The Convergence of Sciences and Society: "The Singularity is Near"...

4. Nanotechnology and the Future of Life Forms

4.1 Richard Feynman Lecture: "There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom"

4.2 Eric Drexler: An MIT Graduate Student Who Changed the World:

An Engineer/ Visioneer for the 21st Century...

4.3 The Foresight Institute: NanoTechnology in Silicon Valley, California and Worldwide...

Most Advanced Professional Level Research Consortia and Online Newsletters...

5. Your Geometry Textbook and Other Examples

High School Geometry Textbook by Harold Jacobs, "Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding"

5.1 If you don't have a textbook to use with your students,

this link is a Free entire HS Geometry Textbook/Interactive Course to use online:


5.2 http://www.khanacademy.org/

5.3 Chapter Summaries and Weekly Updates

5.4 Homework Assignments and our Homework Club

6. Online Resources and Student Projects

6.1 Geometry Software: User Forums, Facebook Communities, and Blogs

for Geometers: Students,Teachers, Practitioners

6.2 GeoGebra, Google Sketch-up, Blender, Geometer's Sketchpad, etc.

6.3 Google Earth, Worldwide Telescope, etc

6.4 Google Patent Search-- 7 Million free teacher and student accessible Patents with official Text and Diagrams!

6.5 3D Printing technology

6.6 Paper-Engineering and model-making: origami websites, paperkraft.net, automata, and kinetic sculpture

6.7 Make Magazine: http://blog.makezine.com

6.8. Youtube videos and Geometry Screen Savers