Making Mechanical Toys (Automata)

1. The PIE Institute (Play--Invent--Explore) at the San Francisco Exploratorium.

CAUTION: Hot Glue guns are NOT for student-use! They should only be used by the Teacher/Adults.

ScienceForMonks copy.jpg

They made this video in India, working with adult Tibetan monks, making their own mechanical toys...

NOTE: some of the mechanisms they are using are NOT so simple! But it is a fun creative introduction to watch...

That is why starting with single-cams are better for the Montessori School video demonstrates...

2. A Montessori School

Kids know what to do! (with a spirited-alive Teacher : ) and she made a kool music video by making a slideshow of their simple cardboard automata fun...

3. Here are some photographs of wood-constructed simple single cam mechanical toys

from one of my flickr photo albums... made by students in England, with their teacher's assistance.

British schools require all students to make mechanical toys!; it is part of their national curriculum).

And this video shows how similar examples actually move! :-)

4. Allen's Carousel.jpg

And here is a photograph of my home-made single-cam toy 'carousel' and accompanying (1 minute) video

from my flickr photo-sharing website.

5. And many more automata examples are at Pinterest "Automata" (made with wood, paper, wire, etc.)

and paper-crafting projects at Pinterest_Paper Toys

6. And there is even a much simpler Mega Website from India called "Toys from Trash", that is endless Toy-Making fun

focused on Elementary School projects... by TED Genius, Arvind Gupta...

Toys from Trash Birds_1.jpg Toys from Trash Birds_2.jpg

That's plenty to keep you busy all year (and all your life...)