Automata 2017: Starting a collection anew with whimsy and hi-tech examples worldwide...

1.Teun de Wijs -- "The Wizard" LEGOS Genius from The Netherlands

Wizard with LEGOS on Youtube.jpg

1A. "LEGOS Tested" Mechanical Toys (Automata) on Youtube with Adam Savage et al.

2. Pierre Mayer Magic from Paris

3. Robert Race Automata Book: Making Simple Automata, First Edition 2014, Current Printing 2017.

I just found out about his superlative concise wonderful book last week ( June 28, 2017) and bought it immediately online.

It is published by Crowood Press Ltd in England (about $15 U.S. dollars) and available at Amazon worldwide.


In honor of his publication (a service to Humanity and STEAM education) I am enclosing 2 photographs of my version of his Clothes Pin Bird mechanical toy (in-progress and completed in 2012; before his book was published...)


Robert Race inspired Clothes Pin Toy Bird_1.jpg Robert Race inspired Clothes Pin Toy Bird_2.jpg

4. This gentleman is a World Class Master of Wood Puppets; he lives in the Chech Republic in Eastern Europe.

His blog is amazing to see the mechanisms he created and filmed isolated on his work tables and moving!

4A. This is the Pinterest website that I found Samouk Kodl on minutes ago; it is a vast source of 2017 Puppetry Worldwide: