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andDESIGN is the online magazine for people interested in Design Education in K-12 schools

Update December 2015: this blog is still functional and enormously useful, just using the archives, but it has not been active since 2012...

So carry on...


2.Careers in Design

2.1. Silicon Valley Design Careers

2.2 Google Careers:

2.2.1 "The Google Logo and the Golden Ratio" by Gary Meisner: September 1, 2015

2.3 Apple Corporate Careers:

2.4 Cisco Careers:

2.5 Sony:

2.6 Technology and Information Technology Careers

2.7 U.C. Santa Cruz: New Director of Masters Program in Video Games and Playable Media

3. Colleges for Careers in the Arts and Design

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Media Lab

The California College for the Arts

in San Francisco

The Parsons New School for Art and Design

in New York City (Manhattan)

Pixar University

in Emeryville, San Francisco Bay Area

Here is a list of careers in design: unfortunately they are no longer functional links to websites,

so use them as subjects/careers to do a google search about: "careers in..."

Visual Arts
Interior Design
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Web Design
Game Design
Industrial Design
Multimedia Arts and Design
Computer Aided Design
Digital Arts and Design
Recording Arts
Film and Television Production
Video Production
Interactive Media Design
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Floral Design