This is currently a "Silent Movie"... waiting for your Participation and Collaboration (because We are a Wiki... :-)

If you read the (complete) description text included below the youtube video screen, you will understand some of the Project possibilities... Thank you for your participation and collaboration...

Allen... ("Yes, even Clowns need to go on Vacation...)


And some of you may ask why is this part of a HS Geometry Adventure?...

Well just to be brief, let's look at this photograph and see what you see:

1. A whole and its parts: structures and functions

2. Patterns, symmetries, colors, shapes, sizes and scale, angles, materials, etc.

3. Man-u-facturing: How are these made; could your students make their own dolls/puppets/characters and props, etc.

physically and/or digitally (Blender software etc.), that would tell a story and/or stage a production? Can you build a

"desktop theater" or an animated video?