Design Education Blog (K-12): "andDesign" by Professor Martin Rayala



Professor Rayala's blog is great for Project Based Learning (PBL)

and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: STEM ("and Design/Arts" = STEAM).

He has a very succinct writing style: always including a brief list of PBL process points.

1A. Steps in the Design Process

1. Ideation - brainstorming your ideas and getting them down on paper (or computer document :-)

2. Visualization (Disney staffers call it "Blue Skying" :-)

3. Prototyping = scale model building

4. Implementation = Making It

2. And for more examples of Design Education visit the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

2.1 Pixar Designs at the National Design Museum

3. Designing Logos (and this will lead you to The Golden Ratio called Phi)


3.1 Google and Apple examples:

4. Engineering for the Other 90%