Doodles with Vi Hart (Extraordinaire)

I met Vi Hart when she was 8 years old... her father is George Hart, the Geometry Genius

(you can check his website or his weekly column at Make Magazine online, called "Math Monday",

or watch for the opening later this year of his "Museum of Mathematics"...)

Professor Hart had just taught his Daughter: Vi Hart (8 years a Super Nova),

how to make a Spherical Star Shape using paper triangles that "Slide-Together"

(thus he called this group of beautiful geometric sculptures "Sliders");

So of course I saw the photograph on his website back then... and decided to make it myself,

following his careful online instructions... which I did... and made the enclosed Objet d'Art,

whose photograph is enclosed here for your enjoyment...

Because back then, being a Fairly Competent Geometry Dude (FCGD), I was up to the challenge of his 8 year old daughter! :-)


Who as you will witness here at our High School Geometry Adventure,

has grown-up to be a quite Formidable Mademoiselle de Geometry

worthy of Hot Buzz on Youtube and College Campuses across the country...

Her video link here has over 1,800,000 views...

Be prepared: She purposely planned her "Doodles and Narration" Videos to be Very Hi-Speed...

So feel free to click "Replay" and also "Pause" so that you can actually see her drawings' progressions

more meaningfully, and even copy some of them for your own experimentation... which is quite fun to do...

(she already has over 100 Daily Doodles on youtube...)

And this video starts with some simple CD Circle Tracings and is fun to follow...

(and easy for you to improvise your own doodles and color variations...with stunning results)

and a cool music background...

You too can become a Doodle Music Video Star on youtube...

And this most recent video "Binary Hand Dance" will leave you whizzy dizzy ...with some hip-hop finger

And her Blog is quite "impressive" in a personable way...

At her Blog I found this Candy Corn beautiful simple way to discover and play with Sierpinski Triangles,

which are (Mathematical/Geometric) Fractals... very much fun and very knowledgeable...


Humble Pi,



July 19, 2011 "Update"

"Doodling in Math Class"

Another Kool Speedy Drawings Video: Infinity elephants

which leads to Apollonian Gaskets and Sierpinski Triangles and Fractals and Infinite Series and more Fun Math

from the Ambassador of Math = Vi Hart

Oh, and it is kinda kool that you can Google Search "Infinity Elephants" and you get to Vi Hart's youtube video

which has over 1 million views ...(that's 1 followed by 6 zeros)

... I'll let you find out how many zeros are in a "Google" (after the single one = 1 :-)

Allen again...