This is a fabulous FREE NOVA PBS film (DVD) about the history of Einstein's famous equation,

based on the bestselling book by David Bodanis, E=mc2.

Einstein's Big Idea.jpeg

"Einstein's Big Idea -- Understand the equation that changed the world"Very engaging film, personal and historic, and it makes the History of Science dramatic (fantastic cast of actors and great scenery).And it introduces two of the 'forgotten' Heroines of Science in a wonderful powerful way, across centuries:
Madame Du Chatelet (companion with Voltaire) and Lise Meitner (WWII nuclear physicist with her nephew Otto Frisch).

And there is a free online video of it! Perfectly divided into 11 chapters about 10 minutes each:'s%20Big%20Idea
And there seems to be an entire curriculum unit already prepared by PBS education staff on the same website...

to be continued... August 15, 2016... Allen