Engineering for the Other 90% -- Engineering Worldwide and for the Greater Good...

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This is one of the most important real-life Engineering websites at our High School Geometry Adventure wikispace.

It presents the "wide-world out there"... that is very distant to most of us living here in the USA...

and it presents real-life Professional Engineers across the planet performing their Best Practices and documenting everything

that Real Engineers do and make and test, evaluate, manufacture, distribute, and impact worldwide... for the Greater Good...

Here is the link to Life Straw and the Engineering Company that created it and distributes it worldwide:

Their Life Straw "Brochure" is a fantastic free 32 Page "Professional Engineering Product Description and Public Health

Environmental Impact Report" Example for students to read, view, and learn about Engineering "Best Practices" including:

graphics, technical writing, research data, tables, evaluations, scientific journal references, etc.

You can see a summary of it and contact them for the complete information:

Here is the link to the Q Drum project that makes it easier to transport clean water in poor countries:

And here is another engineered variation of the Q Drum product, for comparison: Wello has an aluminum handle! :-)

Here is a brief dramatic video solution from Uganda about making "Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (Bricks)


You can spend an entire year studying and engaging in research and projects worldwide with just this one website

as your Curriculum Home Base... Get inspired and get to work; your students are a valuable resource: make something

happen for the Greater Good...