Engineering of Everyday Things -- Page 3 Teacher's Guide and/or Student List

[DRAFT: 62 items] Nova-Ember: Star & Fire: 6, 2010 (already "ancient" list :-)

A List of a Whole & its Parts: including “Compare and Contrast” examples

by Allen Berg

1. 12 inch ruler v. 12 foot carpenter's tape measure

2. English alphabet v. Chinese symbols

3. pencil v. a pen

4. 3-ring binder and paper v. spiral-bound notebook

5. scissors v. a saw

6. flashlight v. desk lamp

7. dictionary book v. dictionary online

8. wallet v. purse

9. dollar bill v. coin

10. hand tool v. another one

11. musical instrument v. another one

12. shoe v. another one

13. lunch box v. knapsack

14. warm jacket v. another type

15. hand v. foot

16. paper clip v. stapler

17. wall clock v. clock radio

18. calendar (USA) v. calendar (other country etc.)

19. flower v. another one

20. sandwich v. another type (or burrito etc.)

21. door key and lock v. combination lock v. digital card key and lock

22. child’s bicycle v. multi-gear bike

23. a bicycle bell v. a car horn

24. the human eye v. eyeglasses

25. sports equipment v. another type

26. skateboard v. in-line skates

27. ladder v. staircase

28. school chair v. home chair

29. food container v. another one

30. comic strip v. comic book (or graphic novel)

31. board game v. outdoor game

32. a toy v. another one

33. model construction kit v. another one

34. crossword puzzle v. picture puzzle

35. phone bill v. tax return

36. apartment v. house

37. store v. another one

38. newspaper v. magazine

39. school v. another (Elem-JHS-HS, or Public v. Private, etc.)

40. snail mail v. email

41. nail clipper v. Swiss army knife

42. landline/home phone v. cell phone

43. sports team v. another

44. book report v. movie review

45. puppet: hand, rod, marionette

46. school day v. weekend day

47. party or celebration v. another

48. garden v. patio

49. road map v. google map

50. music band v. orchestra

51. library v. gymnasium

52. website v. another

53. incandescent light bulb v. fluorescent light bulb v. LED

54. breakfast v. dinner

55. candy bar v. another

56. hair style v. another

57. clothes style v. another

58. umbrella v. tent

59. sentence v. paragraph v. essay

60. textbook v. novel

61. a regular website v. a wikispace

62. microscope v. telescope

Et cetera…


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