Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden http://www.fairchildgarden.org/

This is a beautiful place to visit in person and/or online, it is near the City of Miami in South Florida.

As the name of the Garden says, this is a TROPICAL Garden, actually a Garden of Gardens:

Lush growth and palm trees and a "butterfly garden" (habitat), an Annual Mango Festival, orchids, warm (tropical) weather,

educational resources online, an art gallery, etc.

Enjoy a break from winter, any time of year...by visiting here:

Fairchild Tropical Garden at the High School Geometry Adventure WikiSpace...

Bring suntan lotion... Allen

Here is a map of the gardens: it gives you a good idea of the lush greenery, the circle of small lakes, and the names of the various gardens.



Enjoy your visit warmly...