Of course Fashion Design relates to Geometry: human anatomy, planar surfaces, textiles: textures, patterns, colors; 3-D sculpture, accessories, consumer electronics (wearables) etc.

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Let's start with some of the best colleges for fashion design (in the USA):

1. California College of the Arts, San Francisco


and an excellent brief and informative video introduction:

Design the Future of Fashion

Want to see your creative vision come to life in tomorrow’s clothing and apparel designs? Our Fashion Design faculty pushes your critical design thinking in the classroom, while nurturing your craftsmanship in the workroom -- so you graduate equipped to design the future of fashion.

2. The Parsons New School for Design, New York City (Manhattan)


Parsons The New School for Design enables students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing society. Students collaborate with peers, industry partners, and communities around the world and in New York City, a global center of art, design, and business.

And a brief video about their Fashion Design Program with lots of New York Big Names in the Business :-)

3. The Future is Now with Wearables

apple wearable.jpg

And remember our Patents -- Google Search page and Patents -- Apple, Inc. page... Well the following patent number

is an example from the first page: US 8787006 B2 (I typed in "Apple wrist watch" and chose this number from the list),

and of course it also comes from the archives of the second page. Click on the number and you will be presented with

the "Real Stuff" Science and Business of STEAM happening now in the $80 Billion new "Wearables worldwide market"...

How is that for You and your Students' education...

4. and of course, there's Levis...

Live in Levis.PNG