Fractals PBL Curriculum (K-12+) by Cynthia Lanius

This is a fantastic fun PBL Math Resource Portal that spans all grade levels, and don't be fooled by her subtitle:

"A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students" -- No Way!

Okay, there are some projects that elementary school students can do with fun and profound results

Way Beyond Traditional Elementary School "Standards", ....IF the Teacher is sophisticated enough In Geometry and Arts & Crafts

to lead and organize these Projects.

The lessons plans are made simple to follow, and yet lead to profound Geometric Constructions and Concepts and Advanced Defintions and Terminology. But these same lesson plans are suitable and challenging for any middle school and/or high school student... and even college level student and engineers.

So don't think this is just "Color the Easter Egg" Stuff...

This website is a Complete Discovery Learning PBL Internet Unending Curriculum ...

The Woman Is a Mathematician and Educator at Rice University with a contagious Enthusiasm for Mathematics and Philosophy,

She doesn't teach at Daybreak Parent Co-op School... (I once did :-)

There are links to Professional Engineering Consulting Corporations that advise Multi-National Industries

and Peer-Reviewed Research & Development Scientific Journal Articles.

And at the same time, because her website is a Portal to High School Teachers' successful Units and Curriculum,

you will find many excellent suggested educational resources...

I can go on and on... with this website's wonders: Koch Snowflake Fractals constructions, Serpinski Triangles constructions, Pascal's Triangles, Fractals In Nature, The Math Forum Online at Drexel University = The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library

(another Complete Discovery Learning PBL Internet Unending Curriculum :-)

But just go and click on the link at the top of the page...

You will be amazed at what some talented and creative Math Teachers are doing with high school students!!!