Geogebra is a kool geometry drawing tool

and it's free and worldwide and has an international very active Facebook Community

1. Download the free software and start taking the online tutorials.

2. The toolbar --once you learn to use the tiny triangles as drop-down menus :-) is very simple and intuitive.

3. Newbie Me did it...

and here's a kool Applet drawing trick to do... :-)

July 16, 2011

One of the best GeoGebra websites with free and masterful step-by-step tutorials is by Guillermo Bautista,

a young University Teacher in the Philippines, at his "Mathematics and Multimedia" daily blog.

Here is an example of One of the Best GeoGebra Tutorials I have ever seen:

"The Marvels of the 9 Point Circle"


He makes Geometry graphically and simply clear!

And he engages us to construct and discover for ourselves, the magic and precision of Geometry

that our 'muscled' brain, with the use of wonderful GeoGebra internet tool, can reveal.

He is an inspired teacher, so that we become inspired students...