The Hathi Trust

-- A Worldwide Partnership of 52 (and growing) Major Universities, Libraries, Museums, Organizations that are freely digitizing the Historical Knowledge Base of our Society

For example: You can visit the Brooklyn Museum link, the Los Angeles County Art Museum link, Harvard University Library, Google Books online, Microsoft online, etc. The Hathi Trust homepage has a nice brief statistical summary of what their World-Changing Project is doing and creating for our world citizenry...

(Trust = An Organization created for the Benefit of Others, for The Greater Good...)

Currently Digitized

8,259,167 total volumes

4,538,470 book titles

203,424 serial titles

2,890,708,450 pages

370 terabytes

98 miles

6,711 tons

2,109,571 volumes (~26% of total)

in the public domain

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1. Brooklyn Museum Blog about Digitized Books... :-)


"Is this a cute little elephant or not..."

From India. Page from an Astrological Treatise, circa 1750. Opaque watercolor on paper, sheet:

7 and 3/4 " x 4 and 1/2". Brooklyn Museum, 71.120