How it's Made -- Science Channel Online

This topic: "How it's Made" is the natural next PBL Lesson in "Engineering of Everyday Things: Structure and Function:

Analysis of a Whole and its Parts".


The First PBL Science Writing Lesson Outline focused on the actual Object Already-Made,

guiding students to carefully Observe and Describe the Parts of the Whole,

and then Analyze the relationships among the Parts

to effect the intended Functionality for the Purpose of the Object.

And then guide students to make a reasoned Evaluation of the Design of the Object.

And conclude with their own considered Suggestions to Improve and/or modify the specific Object.


This Lesson now leads to a careful consideration of The Process: "How to Make" this Object,

or "How is it Made or Manufactured to become this Object?"

What are the necessary Parts and Tools and Sequential Steps in making this Object?


The two lessons have been used successfully by me and my students for 20+ years,

The first one is "Engineering of Everyday Things -- Page 2 Lesson Plan"

The second one is "How to...Instructional Essay Writing" and has a brief Teachers' Guide entitled:

"How do you... List of 100 Topics" and also links to this page How it's Made -- Science Channel";

The Science Channel Online provides you with a selection of brief video documentaries,

demonstrating "How it's Made".