How to... Instructional Essay Writing STEM PBL Lesson Plan Outline by Allen Berg


Note: This sample outline can be adapted for many different types of presentation: traditional essay writing,

pictorial displays, diagrams, different media such as PowerPoint, student instructional demonstrations, videos, etc.

Let your imagination and new media possibilities flourish… Also see the accompanying List of 100 Topics for this Project

And open it up to student ideas and creative productions…

Have fun... .

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"How to..." Instructional Essay Writing

1. Title or Purpose of the Activity.

2. List the following necessary items based on your Topic and Procedures...)

A.Supplies, Materials, Ingredients, etc.

B.Tools, Utensils, Appliances, Equipment, accomplish this project and/or activity.

3. Describe how you prepare yourself and the “workspace”; how you organize the items from # 3 above.

4. Describe the Procedure(s):

Step-by-Step Sequential Instructions (or Procedure) to accomplish this project or activity.

1. Start: Set-up your workspace: arrange the various items you will use, etc.

2. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.

3. Explain any relevant details about "how much time is involved" in various Steps...

4. Is this a simple and quick "Procedure", or are there several "Stages" to accomplishing the Task?

5. As you write your instructions, feel free to add your own personal comments about the Steps involved,

based on your experience, preferences, aesthetics, judgements, etc.


"We're getting there..."

6. Finish. (which always includes "cleaning up the workspace"!)

6. Describe the completed Result(s) of this Process.

Is there a good sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, entertainment, or pleasure...?, etc.

7. Describe how you clean up the workspace (which would be appropriate to your specific activity or project)

So that it is left ready for the next person or project to use the space, clean and anew.

8. And where or how do you store the Supplies, Tools, Materials, etc. in their proper secure place for future use?

9. Conclude with any comments you like...

10. And of course, you can add visuals (pictures, photographs, video) and music to this project, so that it becomes a

youtube Video Tutorial for the entire world to view... and become an instant Celebrity... etc.

Perhaps also consider what might be a next follow-up project for you to do...

So let's have some fun:

1. Hawaiian Ukulele Beginner Lesson: 3 Chords

2. How to burn music CDs in iTunes (July 7, 2011)


Note: This lesson can be coordinated with How it's Made -- Science Channel