This is a drawing (called a "Kolam") welcoming visitors at the entrance of a Tamil Nadu, South India home or apartment, made with white rice powder on the ground as a daily traditional centuries-old practice of hospitality and gratefulness.

**Kolam** this is an amazing youtube video demonstrating how women make their 'ordinary' morning "Beauty" of Kolams in the city of Pondicherry, India. ) And there are many other accompanying youtube video examples of kolam beauty and power of geometry...

"In Tamil Nadu Kolams, ancient Dravidian geometrical floor decorations, are drawn in front of a house to invite each new day.

In Tamil language, the word kolam means beauty; it is a common routine full of grace to make the home a sacred place. The Hindu populaces of Tamil Nadu make use of this art form on a large scale. The female members of the house regularly draw Kolam designs in front of their homes, by using rice powder. Daily 'ordinary' kolams are naturally white, an indication of purity. On exceptional or festive occasions, kolams become very rich and multicolored. The insertion of yellow (turmeric powder) in a kolam stands for prosperity.

In a Tamil home, it is believed that Kolam design bestows prosperity and success. Kolams may be connected to the earth, the stars, or special festivities, but they are first and foremost an offering to Mother Earth. Kolams are considered an important form of artistic religious manifestation in Tamil Nadu. Definitely, the kolam can be called a most important part of Tamil culture." Photo courtesy: Flicker Under creative commons license