Kinetic Geometry Sculpture

1. This is from a youtube video called "Kinetic Horse Sculpture"

which also links to dozens of other cool videos and websites... Scroll to the bottom of this page to find them listed. Kinetic_Horse_Kit-to-Build.jpg

August 2013 update: Unfortunately, James Watt (in England) stopped making his paper-craft kits, and several videos I included here featuring Theo Jansen, have been removed from youtube; but you can watch the videos below to see other models based on Theo Jansen's mechanism (and search Google and Youtube for more current examples...)

1.This model was built by a person in France entirely with Lego's electronic mechanical kit(s).

2. This video is a brief (51 sec) simulation of Theo Jansen's Mechanism using Geometer's Sketchpad 4... 528,000 views.

3. These videos use CAD software to visualize the model and it movement: en Espanol en Espanol