Nature's Geometry and Beauty (continued...)

There are many websites to go to... so

once again I used Google Image Search: "Orchid Flowers" to find the enclosed photographs and Botany Illustration...

Here is one website from South Florida:

This is The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida... an amazing organization and place...


1. Sepals - Although they may look like petals, they are actually the glorified remains of the flower bud. There are usually three of approximately equal size. 2. Petals - Orchids always have three petals. Two are "normal," and the third becomes a highly specialized structure called a lip. 3. Lip or Labellum - The lower petal of an orchid. Used by the flower to provide a 'landing platform' for its pollinator. 4. Column - A finger-like structure that carries the orchid's reproductive organs--the stigmatic surface (female organs) and the Pollinia (male organs) located under the Anther Cap.



This orchid is photographed in Thailand, from 2009.

Please contribute your images and research as well...