Although we have already included lots of pages, projects, and activities using paper, I am adding this page

specifically to direct your attention to a National Geographic Magazine article from October 2009:

It is in their monthly "Big Idea" section and it is titled "Fold Everything" : Extreme Origami

"Anything can be made with origami--from birds and bugs to stents and space telescopes. It's just a matter of math."

Physicist Robert J. Lang

This brief but profound article and its several pictures demonstrating just 4 examples:

1. Paper Plane

2. Telescope Lens

3. Artery Lining (Stents)

4. Paper Horse

Simply makes the case, that all the other Paper "Uses" and "Subjects" we have become accustomed to such as:

Paper Arts, Crafts, Folding, Models, Toys, Xerography, etc. now includes the highly regarded and highly compensated

Profession of Paper Engineering...

Even though many paper crafters and scientists and geometers already knew this, now the phrase, title, and career specialty

are in the public domain of discourse...

There are already thousands of highly paid Paper Engineers working in many diverse industries, including:

Architecture, BioMedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Design and Advertising, Film, Television, Amusement Park Engineering, Computer Engineering, Video Gaming, Bookmaking, Product and Package Engineering, Environmental Engineering, on and on...

So it's okay now to say that "When I grow up I want to be a Paper Engineer and earn a lot of money..." :-)

Just hop, skip, and jump around here at HS Geometry Adventure, and you will find tons of Paper Engineering links, projects, and Research & Development to participate in and discover how it is changing our world "one fold-at-a-time"... for the Greater Good...


Just to blow your mind with one of the Best Paper Engineers on the planet, let me introduce Mr. Nakamura from Japan

and these two youtube videos of some of his work...

Gears Cube by Mr. Nakamura from Japan

Gears Heart by Mr. Nakamura from Japan

Enough said.