Google Patents allows you and anybody to search for free: over 7 million United States Patents going back over 100 years...

This is an Educational Engineering Goldmine of information for teaching STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: The History of Technology Innovation!


Update March 10, 2017: Here is an example to demonstrate how your students have free access and more time

to research and learn about High Tech Sciences than you the teachers; Innovative Educators understand that Schools

are not just about Teaching-to-a-State-Curriculum-Test, but also about creating Leadership-in-Learning: Your Students

can be Crowd-Sourcing and Information-Sharing Resarchers in the classroom... Let them loose on "Google Patents Search" (with your guidance), and they can discover, present, and imagineer together, with you...

Example: Type this 'Number' in Google Patent Search: 810 003a

It will lead you to cutting edge computer technology research for Solid State Drives (SSD), from the Best Scientists and Engineers at Intel Corporation!

"Method and Apparatus to Provide A High Availability Solid State Drive"

Publication Number: WO2012087648 A2

And this explains why Google (with Android Products) is dominating the worldwide Devices Market,

and why Apple is frantically trying to catch up with their own Solid State Drives Devices!


For You The (Adult) Teachers, to help your "Bottom Line" (Raise Your Income!) here is a very useful list/link

regarding investments and Patent Leaders in the U.S. (and another chart for European Corporations)

I always support Teachers in Education! :-) ...


Google Patent Search is any teachers' and students' complete free online textbook for STEAM Education...

You can easily start your Projects-based Learning in STEM by using the 1,000+ Patents by Thomas Edison...

His "name link" will lead you to our wikispace page about Thomas Edison and the wikipedia link below lists all the Patent Numbers, which you simply click on to get to Google Patents: copies of every single one... :-)


February 2015 Note: The Algorithm for Google Patent Search is confusing; so the best way to get the exact Patent you are searching for is to know its number and type it in the search box. For topic or product searches, try using the "advanced search" tools.

Click on the little Gear Icon at the top right of the Google page:

Advanced search icon.PNG

Patents are where it's at...if you want to follow the New Next Thing in Technology and Technology Products...

or invent your own... and Protect your Intellectual Property...

Yes, your Brain and your Ideas and Imagination, properly and legally "Applied" at the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office,

could lead You to unimaginable "Revenue Streams"...

Here is the link to Patently Apple, the best current Research and Development Patents for "Everything Apple" makes...

Yes, Apple is fast-on-track inventing "wearable computers" for your clothing and accessories... :-)


Do a Google Search for "How many millionaires work at Google?"

This could give new meaning to the question: "Why am I studying Geometry?"... :-)

Just to present a few simple historical examples:

1. The "modern" wooden clothespin with a coiled wire fulcrum was invented by Solon E. Moore in 1887 in Vermont:

Patent # 365755.

This is "Engineering of Everyday Things - Analysis of a Whole and its Parts: Structure and Function" Clothespin Patent.JPG

2. The 1904 Patent for the "revolutionary Gillette Safety Razor with Disposable Blades" awarded to Mr. K. C. Gillette.

More examples of historical engineering documents archived in the United States Patent Office: Lessons for "Analysis of

Whole and its Parts: Structure and Function".

Patent No. 775,134

3. The 1984 Patent for the first controller unit (joy stick and keyboard) for video game

awarded to James C. Asher: Atari,Inc.

Patent Number: 4469330 Type this number in the Google Patents search box...

and you can view all of the document text and diagrams.

They get pretty complicated with advanced computer and electronic circuitry, but much of the document

is understandable to a regular person including a savvy high school student.

You will note that every patent has listed previous related patents (and you can enter each number in the search box

and examine those "Prior/Enabling Technologies").

I listed this particular patent because it is the first "Controller Unit" for a Video Game"; there are previous patents

for just the "Joystick" and other enabling technologies, but this is the first for a Video Game, and back then Atari

was "King of the Hill"... because of Mr. James C. Asher.

Obviously future companies and inventors changed that... I am not familiar with video gaming, but I have heard names

like "Play Station" and "X Box"... but you would know more about this current "state of the art" (Technology Companies)

than I do...

If you have some gizmo, device, appliance, machine, etc that has a Patent Number printed on it, you can type in that number in the Google Patents Search Box and learn about how it is designed and manufactured and "how it works"...

4. US Patent Application for Food Processor

Inventor: Jill Kreutzer Orent

Wesport, Connecticut (US)

Correspondence contact: Conair Corporation

Stamford, Connecticut

Publication Number: US 2008/0156913A1

Publication Date: July 3, 2008

Application Number: 11/959,623

Filed Date: December 19, 2007


Breaking News on Super Bowl Sunday: A Momentous Day in the History of Modern Medicine:

"The FDA Approves Imaging Diagnostics App for the iPhone"

"iPhone is the Future of Health Care"

Dr. Thomas Stewart

Chief of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dated: February 5, 2011

Simply click on the link to "Patently Apple" in the alphabetical Page Directory... and it will take you to their Blog homepage

with the most recent article: February 5, 2011...

If you are viewing this posting weeks or months later, then you will have to search it in his archive, by date and/or title...

to be continued...