Making Puppets is a vast subject that will eventually become its own wikispace, but we have to take the first steps:

and use our hands and minds and bodies to make them and move them..."Alive..."

Puppets are Magic!... Imagineering (and yes, geometry : ) So let's start with The Best:

Lion King Puppets_1.jpegJulieTaymor.jpg

1. Julie Taymor is the genius behind Disney's Broadway theater production: The Lion King

2. The Making of War Horse: from The Puppet Factory in rural South Africa to the Broadway Theater Production in New York City...

3. Pinterest: Explore Puppets (especially the marionette hand controllers!), Youtube, and More

Vertical Marionette Controller.jpg


4. Now: June 27, 2017 in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York Greenery...

Here is a Superlatively Constructed Orange-Fox Card-Stock Marionette to Make for Children of All Ages!

Pure Whimsy for Spirited Alive People: Teachers and Students and Everyone Else...



Life size photograph from a screen shot online...


and now my photographs of this puppet-in-progress: June 28, 2017:

Fox Box 1.jpg Fox Box 2.jpg Fox Box 3.jpg

Fox Parts 1.jpg Simple Paper Marionette-in-Progress.jpg