Very Valuable Antiques and Some Modern Expert Reproductions

Check Wikipedia to learn about Louis Comfort Tiffany and his business partner Lockwood de Forest

This first photograph is an Original Tiffany Stained-Glass Library Lamp (...?)



This is another original Tiffany Lamp (...?) with a dragonfly design, but using a Sky Blue motif.

The internet graphic for this was a smaller-sized image, so I could not enlarge it much more than as presented here.


This is a contemporary reproduction hand-crafted from a company in Germany that sells Tiffany "Style" Stained-Glass Lamps.

They are quite beautiful, but they are not the originals made by Louis Comfort Tiffany, so they can be purchased by 'regular' folks... :-)

They have an excellent website gallery of Tiffany designs:

Beauty and affordability are in the eye and pocket of the Observer...

Something to think about:

How would you go about reproducing your own model of a Tiffany Lamp?

This last example is a basic framework of a Geometric Cone shape, and there are equal-angled vertical "struts" converging from the bottom circumference upward toward a single central point, above the actual glass sculpture. You might be able to use colored tissue-paper from an arts and crafts store in place of the stained-glass... or think about other possibilities...

1. Maybe you could use a real-size store-bought plastic or cloth lampshade that is white (or beige etc.) and hand draw with colored markers a Tiffany Pattern. Black "Sharpie" pen markers could be used to draw the outlines, or maybe use thin PVC Electrical Tape (1/2" x 20' available at hardware stores) for the outlines.

2. I also have 1 lb bags (perhaps 50 pieces in a bag) of colored smooth glass (Sky Blue Large "Lozenge" shaped, about 1 and 1/4 " long) from my local "Dollar Store"...

3. There are also inexpensive Dover coloring books with 'special transparent paper' at most bookstores and/or online at

to be continued... Beauty makes me happy...