An Excellent PowerPoint Presentation about Tsunami Waves

posted March 14, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I am a Visual Learner so to help Teachers nationwide "learn and teach" about the Tsunami Tragedy in Japan,

I found this Excellent PowerPoint Presentation about "The Physics of Tsunami Waves" at Google Docs...

The link has enormous code, but it works! At least it did back in 2011... I don't have PowerPoint software anymore to check...

So do a google search now (Physics of Tsunami Waves) and there are links to the powerpoint presentation.

Make sure you click to the second slide which is the start of the presentation: it has the Title: "Physics of Tsunami Waves "

And pay particular attention to the "Differences between a Regular Ocean Wave & a Tsunami Ocean Wave"!

This is critically important.

And a Water Wave does NOT move Mass it moves Energy!

That is why a Tsunami Wave can travel at the speed of a jet plane: 600mph!

The Ocean Water is simply re-adjusting to the Massive shift of the Massive Volume of Water displaced by the under-ocean earthquake

(Techtonic Plates Slippage "Subduction")

and is simply falling down with the force of reach a new 'Equilibrium Level'...

So it is important to understand and explain to your students that:

The ocean water that "hit" Hawaii and then the Coast of California,

is NOT ocean water that travelled all the way (6,000 miles) from Japan!

It is the 'local' ocean water reacting to the Tsunami Energy Wave,

that did indeed travel 6,000 miles from Japan! at 600mph!, across the Entire Pacific Ocean!

Allen Berg

And here is the always dense Wikipedia version