3D Head Modeling using Maya Software

(very advanced techniques--but good and fun to watch the video,

to see where your beginning work with free Blender Software can lead you to professional Maya Software...)


3D_Head_1.jpg 3D_Head_2_Dragon.jpg

"Beauty (Halle Berry) and the Beast"

Geometry and practicing Geometry 3D mesh-making and mesh-modeling is the basis of computer animation design skills...

Young students dedicated to studying and practicing this Computer Aided Design (CAD) software can get jobs and make good careers

out of this "Skills Set"...

Maya 3D Animation is a semester course at college level, but there are tons of free youtube tutorials, community center programs,

and friends teaching friends, etc. to learn Blender 3D Animation and Maya 3D Animation.


"Correct! Geometry does not have to be boring..."

and "Geometry combined with Computer Skills and Art Skills can lead to Good Jobs and Careers..."

http://www.blender.org/ (free open source software)

http://usa.autodesk.com/maya/ (professional product software)


September 2011 Update: There is a new technology tool-toy on the market... This is a Game-Changer and Film-Maker...

Quma - 3D CG Animation