ABC Geometry: Letters are my friends...

The English language alphabet, like other alphabets are graphic symbols of letters and sounds we use to communicate with each other. They consist of lines and shapes that have become conventional symbolic building blocks of our words and language.

Languages have an ancient history going back to prehistoric cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Biblical times, Chinese calligraphy, India Hindu Sanskrit, Viking and Celtic languages, Latin and the first printing presses in Europe, Old English, Midieval languages, modern languages, and now Computer Languages...

If you look at our letters, for example the words I am now typing on this screen page, they have structure to them and different styles

or "fonts" (which is a whole other fun aspect to designing and constructing letters :-) which means in essence: Letters have and are Geometry.

1. To begin some fun analysis of our Alphabet, I will present a favorite picture book by Mitsumasa Anno, a wonderful mathematician

and artist from Japan: "Anno's Alphabet" are drawings of the English Alphabet Letters as oak wood constructions/sculptures on the page... they will stretch your imagination and tickle your brain...

Anno's ABC.JPG

2. Here are two ABC Kids Posters that have colorful drawings showing kids postured as each letter of the Alphabet:

one is "Danciful" and one is "Yogaful", both are Full of Creativity and Fun:









to be continued...