Aims of Education: A Book by Alfred North Whitehead

commentary posted at December, 2010


Thank you Mary Beth for this year wrap-up with great books...

Books are some of my Best Friends :-)

They don't curse, they don't have temper-tantrums, they don't throw spitballs in the classroom...

I seem to like "old-fashioned" books sometimes, because they have a long history with me, as I am a long-careered teacher... :-)

About 30 years ago, just starting out "Getting my Credential",

I read a wonder-full small paperback book that I still own and cherish:

Alfred North Whitehead: The Aims of Education

They are short essays printed from his various lectures leading up to 1929. The man is erudite (in the British Tradition)

and down-to-earth real-experienced in classrooms and heaths... Basically, he is a Spirited-Alive Genius.

And he expects his teachers and students to strive towards this Artistry.

I love the Man and his Wisdom: He insists that learning be fun. What a radical idea...

Highly recommend this short profound read...

Allen Berg

And for many years I have used the following brief list to express

The Goals of Education

1. Expression

2. Enthusiasm

3. Excellence

4. Empowerment

5. Cooperation

6. Participation

7. Vision

8. Values

That's what I'm about... and that is what my classroom is about...

and that's what this Wikispace is about...

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And here is a photograph portrait of my Life-Spirited-Alive Avatar for all classroom teachers...

Elena Day, the Bird Clowness from Cirque du Soleil's Show "La Nouba":


Now get on with the fun...