Anatomy and Engineering of a B1 Battle Droid

from a great Engineering Book: The New Essential Guide to Droids

Text by Daniel Wallace, Full-Color Illustrations by Ian Fullwood

A Del Ray Trade Paperback Original copyright 2006 by Lucasfilm Ltd.


This illustration is from Page 78.

Observing and studying how experts design robots (droids etc.)

is a fun engaging PBL Discovery Engineering and Human Anatomy Curriculum.

This is quintessential "Structure and Function: Analysis of a Whole and its Parts".

See our "Foundational STEM PBL Curriculum Unit: Engineering of Everyday Things -- Page 1 Photograph Introduction

And then "making these guys move and conduct their missions" is a whole other subject(s) of Engineering and 3D Animation...

(Robotics and 3D CG Digital Graphics Programs)

Quma - 3D CG Animation

It is an entire industry worldwide, with very lucrative career options...

(just ask Pixar and Disney, Inc. and all of their thousands of employees... :-)

to be continued...