Architecture is literally Building with Geometry...

Here is a photograph contributed by my friend Jeff Chester, a professional photographer, taken in Munich, Germany , summer 2010...Jeff_Germany_Photo.jpg

Obviously we have a strong vertical composition in this photograph:

huge columns, many stairs, the enormous building facade, the huge historical lamp-post like a monument and the complementary smaller street lamp-post, etc. And even the focus of our attention, the humanly alive female walking up the central staircase... is a vertical "bright softness of life and color", in this otherwise grey dormant weighty overbearing edifice from a bygone era...

And there is a trick in this photograph, (there is always a trick in a Jeff Chester photograph! to the observant viewer:

Upon care-full examination through the majestic columned portico to the building facade background:

which is not really a building, but rather a painted mural ("Trompe L'Oeil") to aesthetically hide the ongoing 'urban renewal' construction directly behind it... :-)

This is a photograph to delve into... time and space and culture...

"The building in the foreground is the Bavarian National Theater in Munich -- home of the Bavarian State Opera

The building with the trompe l'oeil is known as the Residenz -- home of the rulers of Bavaria for 500 years

"The hanging of large murals on the sides of buildings during renovation is quite common here."

Thank you Jeff... for "Edifice Rex"... more photographs are forthcoming for your architectural eye-candy...

to be continued...

visual dictionary of buildings.jpg

2. The Visual Dictionary of Buildings

another splendid example of a DK Book: Dorling Kindersley, London

A large format book (12" x 10") exquisitely illustrated and totally Student-Friendly.

Visual History of Monumental Buildings throughout the ages, labelled with thousands

of clearly marked architectural terms.

Each page has a one paragraph introductory text and the rest of the book is hundreds of excellent educational illustrations of building technology and craft.

Packed into a slim 64 pages of no-nonsense Architecture "Eye Candy", this is a "Well-Built" Book...for any classroom.

3. 25 Amazing Shelters for Homeless People (worldwide)...

Some times from Natural Disasters like hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, etc.

and also from man-made Conflicts of Wars, thousands and even millions of people can become homeless.

So there is a special class of architects, engineers, and designers who research and develop the most basic

"simple life-saving shelters" for victims of these tragedies.

Their ingenuity and expertise can be very beneficial to society-in-crisis, and their products are valuable lessons in design and construction.

4. Another OLD European World's History Treasure: Prague Castle


"...The largest in the World..." Guinness Book of Records



Les bergeries du Contadour

Bergerie construite en pierre sèche à la fin du XIXe siècle