This wikipedia page is huge, but very informative; start slow and/or pick and choose topics:

See the page for "Bongard Pattern Recognition Puzzles"


1. Articles and Videos about Androids and Actroids

with a link to Wikipedia and its significant links at the conclusion of the brief text.

2. A Stanford University research article by Douglas R. Hofstadter: 1995; An expert in the field of Human Cognition

and 1990's research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: "On seeing A's and seeing As"

on seeing A's and As.JPG

(This article is not easy to read 'thoroughly', but it is easy to skim for significant sections on Bongard's Pattern Recognition Puzzles, and Hofstadter's extraordinary contribution to the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;

I love the diagrammatic examples of the letter A and the problem of how to program a computer to recognize these subtle differences...)


3. Darpa to Teen Geeks: build us Better Robots (September 30, 2010 Wired Magazine)

teenagers and robotics.jpg

4. Darpa's Cheetah Bot Designed to Chase Human Prey ? (February 25, 2011 Wired Magazine)

DARPA cheetah.jpg

Updated September 19, 2014: This robot is so well-known now, that it runs around the campus of MIT

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts for anyone to see...

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, United States Government.=

5. See the "Robotics" Page for further examples and discussion.

6. See our page Analogies for an excellent discussion about human cognition with words and pictures,

and how it this relates to AI: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Intelligence, etc.