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Bubble -- Dictionary Defintion: noun.

1. a globule of gas in a liquid.

a globule = a tiny globe or ball, especially of a liquid or gas.

a drop = the quantity of a liquid that falls in one spherical mass.

a fluid = a substance such as a liquid or gas, tending to flow or take the shape of its container.

2. a thin film of liquid fillled with gas

3. something lacking firmess or solidity.

Bubble -- Dictionary Definition: verb. bubbled, bubbling.

to form, rise in, or give off bubbles (as in boiling water).

Most of our experience with bubbles comes in the form of water (H2O)

which is the most plentiful substance on our planet

and the major substance of our body

Water -- Dictionary Definition: noun.

1. the liquid that descends as rain and forms rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.


And here is a wonderful colorful youtube video of "Giant Stinson Beach (Marin County, California) Bubbles


Enjoy the magic...

And here is a link to a free download of the "Bubble Ball Game" the most popular iPhone and iPad App in the world,

created by a 14 year old 8th grader on his own... who now having connected with Corporate Attorneys, is a Major Game Developer

named "Nay Games, LLC" (Limited Liability Corporation).


And a brief interview with Robert Nay, 8th Grader, about his experience as a young Gamer Developer Business(man/boy :-)


And here is a link to a brief explanation of the physics of bubbles


Later I will post more information about the physics of bubbles (my friend got his Ph.D. in the Physics of Bubbles many years ago)

and I will discuss some of the absolutely critical national security engineering issues that are related to his work then and now...

to be continued...