Engineering of Everyday Things -- Page 7: Xray Photographs by Nick Veasey

PBL STEM Discovery Learning Curriculum...

x_ray artist.JPG x_ray buiding.JPG

Surprise: see what we cannot see with our human eyes...

This is pure Black & White: Structure and Function and Analysis of Everyday Things... by World Famous Xray Photographer:

Nick Veasey. Author of the book, Xray: See Through the World Around You. Published by Carlton and Penguin.

He has more astounding Xray photographs published in THE National Geographic Magazine, October 2010 on the Photo Journal page: X-ray Visions, Nick Veasey.

An here is his own website with lots more fantastic X-ray photographs for classroom and student use:

Note: All of his photographs are Fully Copyrighted and Protected.

So use them with the utmost respect and for limited educational purposes only.

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Thank you Mr. Nick Veasey, it is a privilege for me to present your work here at our "High School Geometry Adventure" WikiSpace,

to share with you all...



The 2nd Foundational STEM writing project is called How to...Instructional Writing

This is also based on "The Whole and its Parts: Structure and Function", but now focuses on

The Process of Making or Doing Some Thing (The Whole or Result from its Parts/Steps).

This is the Procedure (Listing the step-by-step instructions) of "Engineering" and "Imagineering",

so have fun creating your multimedia "manuals" of life's small