This is a message posted at PaperModels Google Group, back several (?) years ago...

"Glue2 Chronicle" is a Japanese paper engineer studying the work of Mr. Nakamura who is the Chief Genius in Charge

and has his own website and youtube videos to blow-your mind:

Check the links at the bottom of this page for Youtube "Gears Sphere" and "Gears Heart" etc.

Hello, everyone,
Glue2 Chronicle ( [[]]) added a "Gear
Sphere" based on the work of Mr. Nakamura (
[[]] ). Note that this
model has not yet been prototype-built and may or may not work. :-)
Mike Hungerford
For science!

And this young guy (not in Japan) made a cool paper model-in-progress that shows good detailed views of the inner gears meshing

and the central core dodecahedron with rotational axles in place...

Here are the links to Mr. Nakamura's youtube videos:

Just to blow your mind with one of the Best Paper Engineers on the planet, let me introduce Mr. Nakamura's work from Japan

with these two youtube videos...

Gears Cube by Mr. Nakamura from Japan

Gears Heart by Mr. Nakamura from Japan

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