Geometric Delights - a Blog by Luyi Zhang

a student at MIT: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Updating now to January 2015, I'm sure she has a career other than being a student at MIT...

As you can see from her blog archives, they stop after March 2013 :-)


Some people do predictable things in their spare time. I bake Sierpinski triangle brownies.

...anyways, hi, I'm Luyi! I play around with geometric patterns and attempt to create cool things.

On this blog you will see creations I make out of beads, paper, and more.

There will be tutorials from time to time, so feel free to give them a try. Enjoy!

and her friend Justin draws and colors Celtic Knots:

("Yes! He was inspired by our very own Vi Hart from her youtube videos"

Check Doodles -- with Vi Hart :-)


On the blog post, he explains that he starts the drawing with the central simple figure (in this case an equilateral triangle)

and then he draws outward... knotted shapes that have an interesting symmetry...

These are two kool mathematicians that we can all learn from and Enjoy sharing their/our Geometric Delights...

Allen on July 1, 2011 to be continued...