Jobs, Steve - Steve Jobs: 1955-2011 Apple, Inc.

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Steve Jobs passed away October 5, 2011, from a long battle with pancreatic cancer and its complications. As Co-Founder (with Steve Wozniak) and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Computers and then Apple, Incorporated, he has his name on 300+ Patents, all with other Apple team members. He is responsible for inventing the Machintosh computer, the iMac, the iBook, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad among many other world-changing digital technologies and devices. He also was the founder of NeXT, Inc. and bought Pixar animation studios from Lucas Film Corporation, to develop it into the world leader in digital animation films, starting with Toy Story.

[Sociology Note: and because the Biggest Corporations canabalize super successful "disruptive corporations" to maximize profits and industry domination, Traditional Number One: Disney Inc. bought and owns Pixar Inc. Yes: LA bought San Francisco...]

You will learn much more about Steve Jobs (his life and work) in the coming months and years, as his biography gets published later this October and then SONY Entertainment Corporation makes its blockbuster film about him. Steve Jobs was a Geometer, he loved Design and studied Calligraphy at Reed College as an unofficial drop-in student. That is why all Apple products have Design in mind and why Apple's Design Team was an equal partner with the Technology Teams. That is why, even as a CEO, he has his name on 300+ Patents.

You will also learn much about his life and work by watching his Commencement Speech at Stanford University in 2005...