NanoTechnolgy is the new field in Science and Engineering that explores an understanding

and invents new tools and devices, at the smallest scale possible: the atomic scale of particles and dimension: with the ability to control and manipulate single atoms!

Here is an excerpt from a science article about some research accomplished at IBM Laboratories:

In 1981, scientists gained a sophisticated new tool powerful enough to allow them to see single atoms with unprecedented clarity.

This device, the scanning tunneling microscope, uses a tiny electric current and a very fine needle to detect the height of individual atoms. The images taken with these microscopes look like tumulose alien landscapes—and researchers learned how to rearrange those landscapes, once they discovered that the scanning tunneling microscope could also be used to pick up, move, and precisely place atoms, one at a time. The first dramatic demonstration of this power came in 1990 when a team of IBM physicists revealed that they had, the year before, spelled out the letters “IBM” using 35 //individual atoms// of xenon. In 1991, the same research team built an “atomic switch,” an important step in the development of nanoscale computing.


Here is a current link to amazing Nanotechnology Electron Microscope Photographs: a series of mind-boggling 10 photographs

of Reality at the smallest scale: a nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter: totally invisible to our unaided eyes...and even most sophisticated microscopes...

And news in Nanotechnology is ongoing at the Foresight Institute, "advancing beneficial nanotechnology". Their website/newsletter

is for professional researchers, but you can read bits and pieces of their updates to understand how quickly technologies are changing

and effecting the everyday world we live in...