is Dr. Robert Lang, World Master Origami Artist and Scientist will introduce you to the modern evolution of combining the ancient art of paper-folding, origami, with the contemporary computer sciences. His already legendary Origami Textbook "Origami Design Secrets" is already being republished with updated text and designs and includes a DVD with the book; this is expected to arrive at and bookshelves around the world, very soon...perhaps this autumn 2011...

Here is one example of a single piece of paper folded into a stunning "Flying Crane" (Opus 563) ...


Flying Crane, opus 563

Medium: One uncut square of Korean Hanji paper. Composed: 2009. Folded: 2010. Size: 20".

Diagrams: Not Available

Crease Pattern: Not Available

Comments: Developed for a bronze casting with Kevin Box; a version has been commissioned for an exhibition

at the San Francisco Exploratorium.