This page is unending...

and at first I thought about placing it within an already existing category, such as Graphic Art, Human Anatomy, etc.

But then I quickly realized that it could have its own "category" and should... so here it a beginning...

Then I thought about presenting a simple dictionary type of definition, such as:

Portrait -- noun. a picture (as a painting or photograph) of a person, usually showing the face.

Then I realized that such a definition was too limiting for several reasons:

1. Some great portraits do not show a person's face, but could focus on another part or aspect of a person,

such as their hands, or posture, or movement, or work, or place, or relationship with another person, etc.

2. Some portraits are not pictures of a person, but could be pictures of animals, plants, landscapes,

or the general category of objects or things, etc.

3. Some portraits are not even pictures, they can be words: poems, essays, lists, even numbers...

4. Portrait numbers could be called "data" = factual information (as measurements or statistics) to 'identify' and/or 'represent' a person:

-- date of birth (DOB)

-- age (years)

-- Social Security Number (SSN)

-- medical data

-- income and spending tracking data

-- internet "surfing/usage" tracking data ("profiles")

-- your mobile digital GPS locations: tracking data

.... to be continued... but here is one portrait to begin with...

1. "Yes, a modern (San Francisco type Dude) portrait of a famous literary person..." ;->


2. Self-Portrait Painting by Albrecht Durer, a Renaissance Young Man


3. Cirque Du Soleil Acrobat Clown


4. "This Week's Lecture is about..."


...the Robot ("Actroid") you are looking at, at a news conference in Japan...

5. "Sleeping Gypsy"... A painting by Henri Rousseau


6. Sharbat Gula: Mother of 3 Daughters (one died) in the War in Afghanistan

Photograph by Steve McCurry for National Geographic Magazine


7. Hibiscus and Sparrow by Hokusai


8. "Heavenly Tenants" ... Illustration by Ilonka Karasz


9. NGC 6872 and IC 4970


10. Portrait of the number Pi


Pi's first few hundred digits contain lots of double consecutive digits (marked yellow), and a few triple consecutive digits (marked green). The presence of six consecutive digits (marked red), dubbed the "Feynman point", in such a small sample is an intriguing anomaly.

11. Portrait of 5 Cubes by Dale Seymour


12. Nautilus Shell Photograph by Antonio Conceicao


13. Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai


14. Tattoo Tiger

Tiger Head Tattoo.gif

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

In the forests of the night;

What immortal hand or eye,

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

15. Portrait of Mia Painting by Anonymous


16. Pink Flower Photograph by Allen


17. Spring Fan Photograph by Allen


18. Swan Lake Photograph by Allen


to be continued...